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FBC is proud to introduce our Pastor

John Lopez, and his wife, Nita! 

Please come and be part of the exciting things that God is doing

here at FBC!

A quick overview:

What do we believe about God, the Trinity and Jesus?

We believe that Jesus is everything we need. We, as humans, have sinned and therefore are separated from God. God the Father sent God the Son and with power from God the Holy Spirit, Jesus (God the Son) came to earth to live the perfect life that we couldn’t live and died the death we should have died. His death on the cross and resurrection from death was and is the final payment of our sins, past, present, and future. Our lives, as Christians, is to accept the grace of Jesus and His salvation & let Him be the Lord of our lives. Once we repent of our sins and accept the grace and salvation of Jesus we are *born again and begin a life long journey of transformation as children of God and cannot lose that salvation. (*Spiritually in Christ as adopted children)

Who do we affiliate with?

We are a Southern Baptist church and are affiliated with the Kern County Southern Baptist Association. We give to the Cooperative Program which is an affiliate of the national Southern Baptist Convention.


Deaf Welcome

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